Colorado River Update

August 30, 2021, The Colorado River Authority of Utah received an update on the status of the current hydrologic conditions on the Colorado River from the Bureau of Reclaimation.

  Status of Current Hydrologic Conditions

2021 Drought Statement

Utah and the other Upper Basin States have seen alarming reductions in Colorado River flows and storage over the last several years—and especially this year—due to the ongoing drought. We ask Utahns individually to do their part to conserve as we collectively work to improve the Basin’s emergency situation and preserve our water supply through monitoring, management and conservation.

Our Vision

Leverage science, engineering, and measurement and monitoring of diversions and streams to facilitate improved management of Utah’s water usage
Enhance and develop tools to assist long-term understanding of what water is available to develop
Provide leadership and recommendations on how to use Utah’s share more efficiently. Develop management best practices based on data and supply variability
Strengthen relationships among the Upper Basin states to find united technical and legal strategies and negotiate productively for the future
Enter all negotiations of the seven Colorado River Basin states from a best-for-everyone approach while maintaining a strong needs-based voice for Utah’s future
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brad wilson
"The Colorado Authority elevates Utah to a position of strength and next-generation thinking."
Brad Wilson
Speaker of the House of Representatives
"Utah is building on something we can rely on for 100+ years with the Colorado River Authority."
J. Stuart Adams
President of the Utah Senate
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Why the Colorado River Matters

One of Two Largest Drainage
The Colorado River Basin and its drainage is one of the two largest in the United States, along with the Columbia River Basin in the Pacific Northwest.

40 Million People in the West
The Colorado River provides municipal and industrial water for over 40 million people living in the major Western metropolitan areas of Los Angeles, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Denver, and San Diego.

1,440 Miles Long
The Colorado River is 1,440 miles long and passes through seven states and Mexico.

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