Jay Mark Humphrey

Price and San Rafael Area: Carbon and Emery Counties

Jay Mark Humphrey of Orangeville, Utah, is the current General Manager of 33 years at Emery Water Conservancy District. His duties have included operating a federal water project that consisted of two dams, a diversion, 20 miles of canals, and a drainage project. Additionally, Humphrey helps irrigation companies maintain their systems, along with protecting and developing the water resources within Emery County. With the help of the Bureau of Reclamation, Humphrey designed, installed, and maintains real-time SCADA systems for four river systems in western Emery County. 

Humphrey owns and operates a 200-acre farm, with 50 heads of cattle and enjoys growing alfalfa and small grains. He is married to Natalie Atwood Humphrey and between them, they have eight children and 14 grandchildren.